Designs for Health’s high potency, shelf stable, broad spectrum probiotics fully meet your patients’ diverse needs


A comprehensive range of high potency formulations to address the most common challenges in choosing the right probiotic

The Full Story

ProbioMed™ is a range of evidence-based formulations containing 10 of the most well-researched strains offered at two relevant dosages.

Based on extensive review of scientific research, we’ve carefully selected these probiotic strains to ensure superior viability in low pH conditions and in the presence of bile salts.


Based on extensive review of scientific research, we’ve carefully selected these probiotic strains to ensure superior viability in low pH conditions and in the presence of bile salts, with proven adherence to human epithelial and mucosal surfaces, while not causing antibiotic resistance.*

Formulated to Thrive

Probiotic strains have been chosen for their demonstrated ability to survive the harsh journey through the intestines, adhere to the gut, and resist gastric acids and bile salts. These strains are further protected with shelf-stable technology to ensure they are viable and effective after packaging and storage.

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Packaging Technology

Our new, state-of-the-art, innovative package lining protects probiotics from damaging exposure to moisture, oxygen, and light to maintain shelf life while eliminating the need for refrigeration.

Capsule Technology

Our delayed release veggie capsule technology offers further protection to ensure survivability.

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We disclose the most vital information you need to have confidence in the efficacy of ProbioMed™ formulations, including:

Strain Specificity

Listing each specific strain of each probiotic species

Strain Amounts

CFU counts per strain

CFU Overage

Excess CFU added for each strain to meet label claim up to 2 years

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Many commercial probiotics do not remain viable through the digestive process, rendering them ineffective at arriving intact and colonizing the lower GI tract.

ProbioMed™ Species Strains

have been carefully selected for their demonstrated ability to adhere to the intestinal wall, colonize and persist.

Full Range Probiotic

ProbioMed™ is a range of high potency, dairy free probiotic formulations available in two relevant dosages, allowing you to target a variety of GI environments.

Every strain & CFU count is disclosed and validated by research


The Full Picture

What makes ProbioMed™ a better probiotic


10 of the most fully researched probiotic strains which may help support digestive health


Full disclosure of individual strains and CFU counts gives you the confidence in knowing exactly what you’re getting in ProbioMed™


High tolerance and resistance to stomach acid and bile means the probiotics can flourish and thrive


Full staying power with adherence to intestinal walls and retention, where the strains may colonize and persist


Relevant dosages in high CFU counts allow you to target a range of GI environments


Shelf-stable packaging solutions, overages in CFU and delayed release capsules fully support stability and integrity during storage and internal delivery

50 B CFU


100 B CFU

For Challenged
GI Environments

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