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Professional Products

Professional Products

Designs for Health is unmatched in its ability to develop highly effective synergistic formulations. For over 20 years, health care professionals have trusted and relied on our products, confident that they are receiving the purest and most potent nutritional supplements available.

The superior quality and efficacy of our formulas speaks volumes for our science-based approach to product development. "Science First," our company's motto and driving principle, defines our commitment to research and scientific integrity in the product design and manufacturing process. Furthermore, our experts continually monitor new research and clinical results, adjusting existing formulas accordingly.

In the interest of advancing nutritional science, Designs for Health works closely with the practitioners who use our products, inviting feedback and suggestions from their clinical experiences. In fact, practitioners often initiate the development of new formulas.

A True Professional Line

Designs for Health products are marketed only through qualified health care practitioners and their patients through referral. Health practitioners are required to provide a copy of their Province license and/or professional degree, certificate, or diploma. As a true professional line of nutritional supplements, Designs for Health does not allow discounting its products, and actively enforces this policy. Designs for Health encourages patients and practitioners to contact when violations of this policy are observed.